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CBD Softgels

Our CBD Softgels are the most bioavailabile broad spectrum CBD oil in the industry. Unique, water-soluble formulas of our premium, THC-free, hemp-derived oil are made using nanoemulsion technology to make our softgels 2X more absorable than oil-based products. The nanoemulsion process ensures that you're consistently getting the most benefit out of your CBD. We offer easy-to-swallow softgels in two different strengths of CBD - 10 mg/softgel and 25 mg/softgel - to suit your unique needs. All bottles contain 30 softgels for 30 suggested servings.

CBD Softgels

  • Premium broad spectrum oil



    Droplets up to 40X smaller than competitors' for more effective absorption

    30 softgels/bottle

    100% gluten-free

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